Excerpt #3: Shot of Love

They said her love for coffee rivaled no other. How could she love him when her heart belonged to coffee? That was her rationale behind the cat and mouse game anyways. Coffee stayed with you, it did what it promised. It woke you up and kept you caffeinated. Guys on the other hand, they were tricky. It was hard to tell a latte guy from a black coffee guy and an Irish coffee guy from a frappucino guy. When she told her friends this they laughed. What kind of coffee guy did she want they all asked. She always replied frappucino guy cause they were sweet and fluffy and all things happy. But in her head she was always partial to black coffee guy cause he was the one that was good for your heart and made you see clear when your world was groggy.

Guide to Types of Coffee/Men

Latte: All Froth, little Actual Coffee

Black Coffee: Pure, Good for the Heart, and Strong

Irish Coffee: Spiked Coffee

Frappucino: Pretty, Sweet and Bad for You


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