Excerpt #10:Home is Where the…You Guys Know the Rest

“You guys can’t be friends.”

“And why the hell not?”
“Because when one friend likes the other it’s not friendship anymore. It’s betrayal!”
“You’re so dramatic August.” She said to her self-appointed relationship coach.
“And you’re pig headed.”
“I don’t like him!”
“You’re still sticking to that dumb ass story?  You guys aren’t fooling anyone but each other.” August didn’t know how to pull any punches, being blunt was her signature.
“Well even if you don’t, he does.”
“He has a girlfriend.”
“His keeper?” That was Her nickname amongst the group.
“Well that’s cause you don’t give him time of day.”
“Whatever… I won’t be a home wrecker.”
“Honey they didn’t have a ‘home’ to begin with. His home is with you.”


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