Excerpt #13: When A Heart Breaks in A Ribcage

“I heard about Friday night,” He said while they sat in the park for their weekly meet.

“Yeah, that was weird.” August had obviously blabbed.

“What was weird about it? You’re pretty, it’s only normal.” He said offhandedly.


“Don’t mention it.”

They became silent. She didn’t know what happened, but something was wrong.

“You should have taken his number.”


“You should have taken his number and seen where it might have gone.” He didn’t meet her eyes.

“So it wouldn’t bother you.” her heart beat painfully fast. This was the closest they had ever gotten to this conversation.

“No. Why would it? You should date whomever you want. We are friends…Right?”

He looked into her eyes then.

She recalled Chase’s words.

We men are not as complicated as you make us to be, if he is with her it’s because he wants to be.

“Right.” She made an excuse to leave early. She didn’t want the sound of her heart breaking anywhere near him.


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