Excerpt #14: Obtuse and Acute

Senior year of college was definitely kicking her butt; it was late in the evening when she returned home to her tiny apartment above a Chinese restaurant. She shared the floor with the owner of the restaurant who lived in the only other apartment. She wasn’t really hungry, but Ms. Wong had noticed her lurking up the stairs and forced a container of lo mein onto her from the restaurant. Container at hand, she struggled to unlock her door.

“Is that lo mein I smell,” was the first thing she heard. It was lucky Judy took the container from her before she dropped it in shock.

“Thank God, you’re finally here, I was getting bored sitting around,” August whined.

“Hey Sweetie,” Marielle, waved from the donated couch where they were all sitting except…

“I don’t know why I am here,” Chase, who was sitting on a donated ottoman, held his hands up at her accusing glare.

“Why the HELL are you all in MY apartment?!”

“Do you really not recognize a friendtervention when you see one?” Judy said between mouthfuls of her lo mein.

“A what?”

“Friendtervention. It’s a friend intervention.” Explained August, looking at her incredulously.

“Okay…” They had officially gone insane. “First thing first: How did you guys get in?”

“The key in your cactus fertilizer? Seriously, that was probably your stupidest idea. A random cactus by your door, it obviously holds your spare key. Anyone can get in.” This was Marielle’s standing objection about her safety.

“How does the cactus survive? That’s my question,” Chase’s nerdy senses had kicked in.

“There is a window in the hallway, this building faces south and the people who come up here are screened by the Wong family first. I would like to see someone get past Mr. Wong…but that is not the point! You guys violated my cactus?! Please tell me you put the dirt back.”

“Yeah, yeah, I wanted to let it die, but they wouldn’t let me.” Judy grinned.

“Of course we did, and we cleaned up in here a bit too,” Marielle said proudly.

Ignoring the jab, she continued, “Okay, secondly, why are you guys here? Intervention for what? I thought you guys were going to let go of my coffee addiction?”

“The whole ‘Him’ thing.”

“Guys I am fine!”

“Yeah sure, he’s obtuse but that doesn’t mean we are too. You have been moping all week,” August drawled.

“Have not.”

“Have to.”

She looked at Chase for back up and so did August. “I know nothing, as I said I don’t know why I am here.”

“As her friend you had to be here, to get her out of this funk!” August was on a roll.

“I am not in a funk or moping, maybe you guys are just acutely gauging my emotions for no reason”

“Really? When was the last time you spoke to Him?” Judy asked.

“A week ago or two ago?”

“Is that normal?”

She bit her lip.

“And I heard you have been trying to switch your classes, the ones with him…in the middle of the semester.” Marielle frowned.

“I just wanted a break! It’s been a tough semester.”

“Because of the subject or him?”


“Now we are getting somewhere.” Judy rubbed her hands.

“Guys I am fine, I just need some alone time to think okay?”

“Okay, take your alone time, but hurry up please, I need your ears to bore you about Anthony.”

“And I need you for our little shopping adventures.”

“I still have you as a gym partner, so no complaints.”


“Okay, okay, I want you to be your happy self.”

“And I need my little sister back for our weekly conversations, I missed them so much I had to come up here.”

“Gee, thanks guys. Nice to see you care about me and this wasn’t just a selfish endeavor.” She said sarcastically.

“Of course we care!” Marielle exclaimed, and they all nodded.

“Yeah, now that all that is over, can you get us more Chinese food for free? That lo mein wasn’t enough.” Judy was a bottomless pit. She ate everything and gained nothing.

There was a knock at her door. Wondering whom it was, she opened the door.

In came Ms. Wong with containers of food, “I heard growling stomachs downstairs so I bought up all your favorites.”

As they happily sat down she added sweetly, “That will be $40.00, only She eats for free and you (looking at Judy) pay extra, I can still see the stain from the lo mein on your shirt”


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