Giving Her Some Alone time: Judy’s Story-Deal or No Deal?

Judy couldn’t give two shits about people she didn’t care about. But the ones she cared about, she was a like a mama bear, notoriously protective. That’s why the whole Her and Him situation worried her. It also hit close to home because she was in a similar situation.

A paper ball landed on her desk, right next to her monitor, dispelling her thoughts.

“What the fuck Anthony? What is this?”

She opened the paper and a crude drawing stared back at her.

“You’re pathetic. Antonio, my lover is so much better at talking dirty.” She smiled sweetly. Antonio was Judy’s infamous and totally imaginary boyfriend. He was a running gag between them.

“Oh yeah? You really think so?” Anthony, her colleague was enjoying this.

“I know so, he’s a-MAZ-ing.”

“Shuddup Juju, no one can be as good to you as I am.” He winked and looked back at his computer screen; she could see him from her cubicle. They were working late. Again.

“Are you really?”

“Really what?”

“Good to me?”

“Hey…Juju, what’s this about?”

“He broke her heart.” Anthony knew who she was, there were only a handful of people that got to Judy. He came to sit by her.

“Is that what’s going to happen to us? This flirting, all the tension and then one day you will up and decide I am not worth it?”

“You messing with me, right? You wouldn’t admit there was an “us”. You all but forced me to date Tonya so you could be sure I wasn’t gay.”

She laughed, “Yeah, I am a bit fucked up.”

“That you are, but I still love you for it.”

For once, Judy shut up and let her self enjoy the moment and not worry about getting hurt or self-sabotaging the situation. She moved closer to him, touching his face.

He stopped her hand, “If we do this though, there are some ground rules: First, I tell Tonya the truth because she deserves it. Second once you’re on board you CANNOT dip out when you’re scared and third, you will finally tell me you love me…deal?”


He walked back to his table, a big smile on his face.

“Hey Anthony?”


“I fucking love you.”

“Best deal I ever made.”


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