Giving Her Some Alone time: Marielle’s Story –Working out the Reasons

Marielle sat at her desk and rubbed her temples. It was the weekend and she was at her office perfecting the client’s presentation for Monday. She didn’t mind working the weekends as long as Norman, the head of marketing, wasn’t here. He had taken a liking to her and she didn’t like it one bit. He reeked of creepiness. But, since he wasn’t here, she was content with her current situation. Although…her sister kept accusing her of being a workaholic and it had stayed with her, echoing. It disturbed her that her own flesh and blood thought she was running away from life while clearly she wasn’t. This WAS her life and she loved it.

Suddenly, the phone rang, jarring her. “Hey Leo, where are you?”

Her assistant was late and it was unlike him; he loved his job as much as she enjoyed hers.

“Hey Mar, an emergency came up. I have to take my nephew to the hospital. I am sorry, I won’t make it.” She heard a honk and an expletive.

“Oh no, is he going to be okay?”

“Yeah, he will be fine. He just swallowed an eraser whole…one of those big Staedtler ones? How he managed to swallow the whole thing is beyond me. But I am taking him to the hospital to try to get it out. I have a feeling there is going to be laxative in his future.”

“Ew,” Marielle laughed and wrinkled her nose, “Well, I am glad it isn’t anything too serious. Don’t worry about work, I can handle one day without you.”

“Thanks Mar, you’re the best! Ian! I swear if you don’t settle down…”

She heard the phone click and her smile began to disappear. She had lied to Leo, she wasn’t sure she could handle one day alone at the office…the silence was a breeding ground for thoughts she rather not relive. Where was creepy Norman when you actually needed a distraction?

The room began to lose focus as she heard the familiar male laughter that usually bought out her own and grainy smiles; flashes of another time flickered in her mind’s vision. Images of piggyback rides, morning races and fighting about the mundane, began to bombard her in rapid succession. The good and the bad all began to mix into one seamless thought flow that abruptly ended as it reached a dead end in the form of the ultimatum that changed everything.

A generic, yet flowery, ringtone set her out of her reverie. She checked the time. It was 2 pm on the dot and her thoughts turned happier as she looked at the caller ID.

“Hey Missy,” she answered her sister’s call, “You’re calling again!”

“After the little debacle last week, with that friendtervention bullshit, I was afraid of what would have happened IF I DIDN’T call,” her sister said grumpily.

“Language Missy!” But she relaxed when she heard her sister’s voice because it reminded her of a saying that they both believed in whole heartedly. One that got them through some pretty tough spots: everything happens for a reason, sometimes we just don’t see the bigger picture.


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