Excerpt#19: Chase Takes One for the Seals

So it looks like I peed on myself…just a fair warning.” Chase said over the phone.

“DID you pee on yourself?” She quipped.

“What the fuck? No, these dratted kids…”

“Wait! What? Kids peed on you? Not one, but collectively? What the hell?! How did that happen?”

“No, no, they didn’t pee on me. Hold up and let me finish the story first. Jesus.”

“Carry on.”

“So I got on the ferry half an hour ago with a cup of tea in my hands and saw a group of kids annoying the shit out of their mother. She looked so hassled. So I sat far, far away glad I didn’t have to deal with it. I kept an eye out though since kids are like ninjas and pop out of nowhere.”

“Okay so rowdy kids, got it. I don’t see how tea soaked pants come into play.”

“I am getting there woman!”

“Carry on.”

“So I am about to get off the ferry with quarter of the tea finished and BAM! the kids all crash into me and spill it all over my pants and bag.”

“Hahaha. That’s what you get for drinking tea and not coffee. Coffee for the win!”

“You’re such a kid. Well anyway, now everyone is looking at me like I peed on myself. I can FEEL the judgement.”

“Well you should tell them they wouldn’t be judging you if they knew what valiant act led to the pant wetting.”

“Uhh…getting trampled by unruly kids and an unfortunate cup of tea?”

“No that makes you sound wimpy. Say you saved a baby seal and got your pants wet in the process. Everyone loves a baby seal rescue.”

“Just my pants? Not my top? What seal was I rescuing and how so that it only wet my bottom half?”

“Seriously? I don’t know.  You have a brain, use it. I came up with the idea, you make it work.”

“As always.”

“Shut up.”

“I see you.” He said, grinning at her from across the road as they waited for the light to turn green.

“Me too…my, my…maybe we should say a humongous seal instead of a baby one. The kids sure did a number on your pants.”

“Hanging up now.”

“Sure thang, sweet pea.”

“Oh no! Not the puns. Make them stop!”



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