PSA: Amoraphobia

Increased life expectancy is a founding father of the epidemic known as “amoraphobia”. Amoraphobia*, a word I just invented, is a disease currently gripping “first-world” countries and leading to symptoms such as increased rates of casual hookups, breaking out into hives at the mention of relationships and rapid popularization of dating apps such as the highly controversial Tinder. Although this epidemic is mostly widespread amongst teenagers and adults in their 20s, recent research involving my friends circle show the beginning effects of the epidemic on older age groups.  No cure has been discovered thus far, yet this concerned citizen believes that if everyone would just wear their big boy/girl pants and learn to deal with reality, there may be hope out there that someday we will all be rid of the rampant amoraphobia.

*Unless you are googling this and urban dictionary  or some other random person stakes claim. In such a case, I retract my statement and give credit to whichever shady website claims to have coined the word.