If you are going to fly out of the chicken coop, you will definitely ruffle some feathers. But hear not the feathers that are ruffled! ¬†Hear the cluck cluck of approval that ensues from those who know and believe in you. Eventually the feather ruffling will stop…or they will fall off from all that constant movement. It’s not like you will be there to hear it anyways, you coop flyer you.



I keep reliving the memory in my mind
Over and over,¬†until it can’t hurt me
Until all emotions have spent
and all that’s left of it
Is narration of a moment in our life
A memory to be soon forgotten.

I keep the shields of my heart up
And maintain them, religiously
Man them quite zealously
So that all that gets in are
Feelings of no consequence.
Feelings of no importance.

I keep a watch at the door of my soul
For once without an arrow and bow
My arms are weary from their weight
There’s only so much you can take
Before it overwhelms you, claims you
And you’re left
With unforgettable memories And consequential feelings.



My momma said,
Don’t bring your work home
And I said ,
Ma I would if I could,
lock it
in a safe
and hide the key.

She said,
Girl you gotta find balance,
this can’t be your life.
I said ma,
It’s not who I am,
It’s who
I wanna be.

She said
Child your youth suffers
while you toil.
And I said what’s youth
without money
to enjoy.

Momma said one day,
you will regret this choice
And I said till then,
I’ll play with my
Money bought toys.

Momma said a lot of things,
Momma meant good.
She knew when I left her
and on my feet
I stood.

Momma tried to tell me,
Momma tried to say,
Things I will understand
When she wouldn’t be
here to stay.

Momma I may work,
I may not care for life
I may not be someone’s lover
Or someone’s wife.
But ma, one thing is true,
And it will remain.
I have got you and
That will see me through
All life’s lane.



There is magic in the air,
An anticipation,
Like the world is holding its breath
While the rest of us sleep.

The lazy sun in the sky
Takes its sweet time,
It’s winter; the blanket of clouds
Much too comfortable to leave.

The rays of light shoot
Bright across the sky,
A marvel, a wonder
There IS magic in this life.

My sleepy mind, my weary soul
Rejoices at the sight of this
Sleepy town
The world is still asleep,
Even if just for a moment longer.



As adults we hide our feelings,

Let fear do our dealings,

Cripple us, defeat us,

Make us weak.


Sitting here beside you,

I wonder if you see him too,

The elephant in the room,

Getting bigger by the minute.


I envision our phantom selves,

And my mind begins to delve,

Into the conversation,

We should be having.


When did we become so weak?

Avoidance our strength at peak?

When did we stop being honest

And start playing games?


When did things become complicated?

Feelings become implicated,

Relationships become dilapidated

Homes where nothing prospers?


When did love become a crutch?

Caring become too much?

When did we become such

Emotionally inept people?


I wish we were kids again,

And allowed to express our pain,

Allowed to say our share,

Be honest without care,

Of being told we are:






The road to perfection

Doesn’t exist

But that doesn’t stop me

From trying.


For me:

Perfection resides,

In a fragile flower,

A hapless dame

In a tall tower.

Just out of reach.


Perfection tastes

Like morning tea,

Like rain drops falling

Within the sea

Of my dreams.


Perfection belongs

To a mother’s embrace

To a lover’s smile

A familiar face

That I was searching.


And yet:

Perfection isn’t

What perfection seems,

Perfection can only exist

In someone else’s dream.






Untethered, restricted

My being conflicted

Morality has a way

Of making you lonely.


To please is easy,

To lead is tricky

Hold on fast to beliefs

And risk being lonely.


But still we fight on

Make our path

And trudge on

With badges of lonely

Upon our chest.


We are alone

Because we refuse

To be pressured and misused.


We are alone

Until we find others

Steadfast to their lonely.