Just Rant

I would love to see your good side

But now I know you have none.

All you are is a sad person

Inside your head.


And I feel bad saying all of this

That it has come to this

But even your saving grace

Can’t save your immoral face.


My friends told me not to trust you

My mind told me it was a waste

To try to see some goodness

In someone, something so rotten.


You complain that you’re so lonely

That everyone thinks you’re a jerk

That everyone thinks you suck,

That everyone blah, blah, blah .


I used to say that’s not true

There are people who care for you

That you are just really

Very paranoid and delusional.


But now I really wonder

What and who the hell

Was I talking about?

I don’t even really know you

And now, seeing your actions

I don’t think

That I even want to.


Have fun being who you are

Stuck in your warped up mind.






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