Paranoia plagues me

My soul is unease

This ephemeral connection

I cannot appease.

To feel so close

Yet be so far

Don’t know what this is

Don’t know who we are.

Surrounded by all

Yet alone in my head

My feelings are hidden

Not alive nor dead.

My greatest wish

Is to find that spark

That will awake my feelings

From the eternal dark. 



Keep my mind

For the sake of insanity,

Sanity doesn’t appeal

To me anymore.

If this is what you

Call sanity

I rather leave

It forever at my door.

If this is what you

Call sanity

I rather embrace

The insanity

I adore.

Sanity is nothing

But pain

That’s why for solace

You pour a glass.

Forget the sanity

Which dictates

The idea that

On the other side

There is no greener grass.