Character Index

Here is a list of the characters that are part of the Life of Notion excerpts. The list is ongoing and will be updated, so make sure you keep checking back!

She/Her: The female protagonist and usually referred to as She throughout the excerpts, nicknames include ‘sunshine’ and ‘cupcake’.

He/Him: Although there are many hims in the story, like his female counterpart, he is the only one without a name and referred to as He. He coined the nickname ‘sunshine’ for Her.

His Keeper: The male protagonist’s girlfriend, Stacey. She is none to happy with whatever is brewing between Him and Her and, as a barista at Starbucks, she knows her brews well.

Judy: One of Her best friends. She is impish and has a reputation for being a badass. But she genuinely cares for Her and since they are stuck in a similar situation, she also understands Her actions.

Marielle: Her sister and the older, wiser one who lives in another part of the state. Although she occasionally visits, Marielle and Her conversations are usually over the phone. They are polar opposites and usually joke that if they were one combined person they would be invincible.

August: Her friend and self appointed love guru. She is known in the friends circle for her model like looks and her gorgeous dreds. August is stylish, blunt, and knows what she wants and how to get it.

Chase: Her childhood friend and probably the only rational person in her friends circle. He meets Her to catch up and work out daily. He is also stylish in his own nerdy way. August and Chase have a budding relationship that everyone, but the two in question, can see.

Ray: Not sure who he is to her yet, she just knows he is intriguing, obstinate, quirky and well, really attractive.


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