Sometimes people just take

Advantage of kindness,

Thinking it’s weakness

Thinking that the fact I care

About your comfort is a

Weakness you must exploit.

I have no problem

You using me as a sounding board

Feeling better just

Because I gave you an inch

To breathe

When the ones closest to you

Were making you suffocate.

Don’t think for a moment

My kindness is a weakness

That I haven’t been calloused

By those who took advantage

Before you.

It took great pains for me to learn

To give humanity what it needs

Not what it wants,

So today’s kindness

Can be tomorrow’s ultimatum.

Either you or your self torture

Pick one .

Because one will get you my kindness

The other some precious time

Until I stop caring

Because you stopped caring

About yourself and

Taking advantage

Of me.

Wasting my time

For you

On someone else.




Lately I feel like I am in a bubble

One that I created by myself

And I don’t know why.

What am I running from?

Who am I punishing?

Why am I putting myself in situations

Where I feel less than?

Why am I isolating myself to a point

Of no return, letting go of relationships

I hold dear and then hating myself for it

What’s with the stupid punishment?

Let’s take an oath to love ourselves,

The way the people around us do

Because if you and I can’t love ourselves

All that’s in the world is time passing by

And us waiting for the day

When time starts to slow

And we regret all the time we spent putting ourselves down

While we should have been bring ourselves up.



Wants of a Caged Soul

I want to show you,

That the world isn’t as horrible

As you see it,

That there are rays of sunshine

right around the corner

of your darkness.


I want you to hear

not the shouts and the yells

but the melody

of laughter and friendship

That are right beside you,

even as you turn

to them with deaf ears.


I want you to care

and show love

and see

all the people who care about you.


I want you to  break away

from that shield that keeps you

Lonely and bitter.


I want what you want,

only difference is

I want with my soul bared

and you want with

a soul locked in a cage,

awaiting the key

that only you possess

But have not yet found.



My momma said,
Don’t bring your work home
And I said ,
Ma I would if I could,
lock it
in a safe
and hide the key.

She said,
Girl you gotta find balance,
this can’t be your life.
I said ma,
It’s not who I am,
It’s who
I wanna be.

She said
Child your youth suffers
while you toil.
And I said what’s youth
without money
to enjoy.

Momma said one day,
you will regret this choice
And I said till then,
I’ll play with my
Money bought toys.

Momma said a lot of things,
Momma meant good.
She knew when I left her
and on my feet
I stood.

Momma tried to tell me,
Momma tried to say,
Things I will understand
When she wouldn’t be
here to stay.

Momma I may work,
I may not care for life
I may not be someone’s lover
Or someone’s wife.
But ma, one thing is true,
And it will remain.
I have got you and
That will see me through
All life’s lane.


Excerpt #11:Lifting the Weight off her Shoulders

“August is at it again.” She told her childhood friend Chase during their daily workout.

“At what?” He stood at the station facing her.

“She is telling me that I like him. Again. And she won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well do you?” He chalked up his palms.

“What?” She was concentrating on putting the weights on her barbell.

“If you don’t, why does it matter?”

“He has a girlfriend anyways.” She faced him at her station.

“Exactly, look, we men are not as complicated as you make us to be.” He locked his hips “If he is with her it’s-“ he huffed as he lifted his barbell, “-because he wants to be.” He finished as he dropped it back on the floor, having maxed out.

“Exactly.” She mimicked him.

As they finished their set and paused to rehydrate he added. “Look if it’s weighing you down just ask him, but honestly August can say what she wants all the way to December and it won’t change the truth.”

“Should I tell her you said that,” She teased.

“Please don’t.”

As they returned to their lifting stance, she continued, “By the way that month joke was horrible.”

“How bad?”

“Even the crickets refused to chirp.”

“Fair enough.”

Words spent, they became silent as they resumed with the weights, this time lifting them, and the stress, off their shoulders.


Excerpt #5: Don’t Ask Alice, Ask Her friends

“Hey when are you starting that Ask Alice column?”

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“Cause you’re good at that shit…so?”

Her friends varied from the most naïve to the greatest perverted minds the world has yet to meet, but they all agreed: giving advice was her thing. Following her own advice though? Not her thing.

“So…no, I am not qualified.”

“Oh so you think people just come to you and randomly tell you their problems because of that pretty face?”

“Hey! Let me have my delusions okay?”

“You know what I mean…you have that vibe,” Judy, one of her best friends, said nonchalantly while sipping her coffee at their favorite cafe.


“The ‘I care’ vibe.”


“Fine. Whatever.” Judy dropped the subject and she realized what this is about.

“How are things with Anthony?”

“Complicated.” Judy breathed out.

“I’m sorry.”

“Love sucks.”

“Jude…just let it go, screw it.”

“That’s some sound advice BUT just to clarify: you want me to let it go or you want me to screw it, it’s kind of hard to do both” Judy said impishly.

“Ugh Jude, need to know basis. And that I didn’t need to know.”