Literal Rambling, Literally

Wise eyes mean nothing

If in a moment your immaturity shines through.

You talk a great talk and walk a great walk

But bring you something serious

And there lies the panic, painfully plain,

All the polish in the world can’t hide the inner kid.

But still you try,

You polish your face, Till it shines,

You polish your brain,  Till it smarts.

You polish your feelings, Till they numb.

But they don’t numb,

They brood under the surface

Waiting for that first crack

In the polish surface

Through which to seep.

And you know what?

Fucking let it,

Let your face be myriad of emotions

Your brain a jumble of nerves

You feelings an emotional conduit

Cause honestly

Polish is overrated

And the wise eyes

Are wise cause they see

Behind every polished facade

Is a shit storm you can’t wait to meet.



Where I Will Be

There is a lot going on,

Behind these eyes.

You see my demeanor,

My cool disguise.

But if you ever wanted,

To look into my soul,

The eyes would be,

The perfect goal.

I keep my gaze averted,

My mischeif in check,

Cool indifference comes,

With all hands on deck.

But if you were ever to try

To find the real me,

Behind these eyes,

Is where I will be. 


Excerpt #12: Look Me in the Eye

“Pst! Guys!” She whispered, “There is a guy two table away that keeps looking this way.”

“Is he cute?” August immediately sat straighter.

“Where?” Chase, who was sitting next to August and opposite of her, began to turn.

“NO!” Both girls started and August pulled him back.

“What the hell?”

“Chase, you don’t just turn around, he will know we are talking about him!”

“You guys ARE serious?”

“So, is he cute?” August reiterated.

“Yes, wait…he’s leaving with his friends. Never mind.”

Their food had arrived and all other thoughts fled their mind.

“Excuse me?” A strong male voice chimed about a minute later.

She looked up and it was the same guy they were just talking about.

“Hi, I am sorry to disturb your dinner, but may I speak to you for a minute?” He directed his gaze at her.

“Um, yeah” She took his outstretched hand to stand.

“I am sorry but you have such beautiful eyes that I had to come and introduce myself. My name is Mark, and I really like your eyes.” He spit this out rather quickly and then looked about ready to crawl under a rock.

“Thanks…I really like your…beard?” Her voiced hitched as she realized it was a goatee. August and Chase sniggered in response.

“Well listen, my friends and I are leaving, but I really would like if we can talk, can I give you my number?” He seemed sincere, but she hesitated.

“I’m sorry, I am with someone”, she fibbed, and your eyes are the wrong color.

Mark looked at Chase.

“No, not that one! Another one, Sorry!” She sounded like an idiot even to her own ears.

“Oh, well…do you love him?”

A familiar face flashed into her head, “Yes,” she said honestly.

He looked into her eyes and accepted the truth and said, “He’s a lucky man then, hope you have a great night.”

“You too.”

She looked back at Chase and August, “What the fuck just happened?”