Hearts Aflutter

Wings beat,


Pounding a rhythm

on my rib cage.


Untapped feeling

Like a drug,

Intoxicates me,

Incapacitates me,

Wings still.


The wings:

They beat,

They rest.

They pound,

They still.

They flutter.


Wings beat,

For a way out

A way out

From the cage

Made of bones.


Another Day

It’s so easy to say just do it,

Just say it like you mean it

And let the pieces fall

Where they may.


But when I see you

Sitting in front of me,

All I can do is stare, in front of me

As my heartbeat escalates.


Judging our inactions isn’t the hard part,

Seeing our interactions is the hard part,

Knowing the cowards we have been

And will continue to be.


While at the surface all will be normal,

Yet beneath the surface I will be hopeful,

Hopeful one day, we will…just say it.


Maybe one day our hearts will beat in tandem,

Beat in a chorus of sweet anticipation,

And we will stare at one another

For once, in truthful silence.


Our hearts will say, Just say it.

Maybe another day, we will say.