Safety Box

Just for today

I locked my insecurities

In a safety box

And hid the key in my

Armour pouch

Iron clad, impenetrable.

For today I decided

I am amazing

And guess what

I have yet

To be contradicted.  



What they don’t tell you about the process of metamorphosis is that it is never easy , you’re constantly trying to break out of your cage all the while trying to stay safely tucked in it. From the mother’s womb and beyond, we are in a constant state of trying to break free and become humans. Granted, some do a better job than others (although how do we determine the quality of someone’s humanity when it opens up the can of worms aptly titled objective versus subjective ‘facts’), we all partake that journey- hopping from one cocoon to the next until we reach our graves, back to the womb of the Mother (Earth). Metamorphosis of the physical is irrelevant as we are born from a womb and at the end of the days we are returned to another- that of the planet. It is the metamorphosis of the mind that profoundly changes: from the moment we take our first breath of air to the moment we take our last. The cages we live in are within our own minds and to get out of them is never easy.



The road to perfection

Doesn’t exist

But that doesn’t stop me

From trying.


For me:

Perfection resides,

In a fragile flower,

A hapless dame

In a tall tower.

Just out of reach.


Perfection tastes

Like morning tea,

Like rain drops falling

Within the sea

Of my dreams.


Perfection belongs

To a mother’s embrace

To a lover’s smile

A familiar face

That I was searching.


And yet:

Perfection isn’t

What perfection seems,

Perfection can only exist

In someone else’s dream.





Being Blocked and Eluding Inspiration 

Inspiration is a fleeting lover, preferring one night stands and booty calls to actual long term commitment. It’s that frustrating crush that leaves at the first mention of something serious. Passion, on the other hand, is better and perspiration-the best. Passion at least makes you coffee the next morning and takes you out on a few dates. And perspiration? Boy that one is a keeper, it will never leave you…no matter how hard you try not to sweat it.