Lately I feel like I am in a bubble

One that I created by myself

And I don’t know why.

What am I running from?

Who am I punishing?

Why am I putting myself in situations

Where I feel less than?

Why am I isolating myself to a point

Of no return, letting go of relationships

I hold dear and then hating myself for it

What’s with the stupid punishment?

Let’s take an oath to love ourselves,

The way the people around us do

Because if you and I can’t love ourselves

All that’s in the world is time passing by

And us waiting for the day

When time starts to slow

And we regret all the time we spent putting ourselves down

While we should have been bring ourselves up.



Hearts Aflutter

Wings beat,


Pounding a rhythm

on my rib cage.


Untapped feeling

Like a drug,

Intoxicates me,

Incapacitates me,

Wings still.


The wings:

They beat,

They rest.

They pound,

They still.

They flutter.


Wings beat,

For a way out

A way out

From the cage

Made of bones.



We are puzzle pieces

That don’t belong together

But I keep pushing

But I keep losing.

It’s frustrating.


You remember

The feeling?

Of trying to put

A circle into a square?

That’s what it

Feels like.

Like I am on the

Wrong side.

For trying to do this.


There’s no real reason

For me to keep you.

But it’s like my pride

Has made it

Its mission.


My world would be better

If I stop with you.

But I keep playing

I keep saying,

There is something.

When there is nothing.

You aren’t my puzzle piece.


Cloud 9

Today feels like
We are at the
Brink of paradise
And it’s driving
Me crazy,
In a good way.

I feel a fragile
Happiness grow
Within me.
And I tiptoe
Around it,
Hoping it won’t

I am at the edge
And I look beyond,
A glow is at the
Horizon of promise.
But I know
Promises can be broken
So I stand still.

And still I will stand
At the brink,
Until I am ready to fall.
For happiness
And trust that
God will land me safely
Down where my feet
Can hit the clouds.