We are puzzle pieces

That don’t belong together

But I keep pushing

But I keep losing.

It’s frustrating.


You remember

The feeling?

Of trying to put

A circle into a square?

That’s what it

Feels like.

Like I am on the

Wrong side.

For trying to do this.


There’s no real reason

For me to keep you.

But it’s like my pride

Has made it

Its mission.


My world would be better

If I stop with you.

But I keep playing

I keep saying,

There is something.

When there is nothing.

You aren’t my puzzle piece.


Cloud 9

Today feels like
We are at the
Brink of paradise
And it’s driving
Me crazy,
In a good way.

I feel a fragile
Happiness grow
Within me.
And I tiptoe
Around it,
Hoping it won’t

I am at the edge
And I look beyond,
A glow is at the
Horizon of promise.
But I know
Promises can be broken
So I stand still.

And still I will stand
At the brink,
Until I am ready to fall.
For happiness
And trust that
God will land me safely
Down where my feet
Can hit the clouds.



As adults we hide our feelings,

Let fear do our dealings,

Cripple us, defeat us,

Make us weak.


Sitting here beside you,

I wonder if you see him too,

The elephant in the room,

Getting bigger by the minute.


I envision our phantom selves,

And my mind begins to delve,

Into the conversation,

We should be having.


When did we become so weak?

Avoidance our strength at peak?

When did we stop being honest

And start playing games?


When did things become complicated?

Feelings become implicated,

Relationships become dilapidated

Homes where nothing prospers?


When did love become a crutch?

Caring become too much?

When did we become such

Emotionally inept people?


I wish we were kids again,

And allowed to express our pain,

Allowed to say our share,

Be honest without care,

Of being told we are: