My momma said,
Don’t bring your work home
And I said ,
Ma I would if I could,
lock it
in a safe
and hide the key.

She said,
Girl you gotta find balance,
this can’t be your life.
I said ma,
It’s not who I am,
It’s who
I wanna be.

She said
Child your youth suffers
while you toil.
And I said what’s youth
without money
to enjoy.

Momma said one day,
you will regret this choice
And I said till then,
I’ll play with my
Money bought toys.

Momma said a lot of things,
Momma meant good.
She knew when I left her
and on my feet
I stood.

Momma tried to tell me,
Momma tried to say,
Things I will understand
When she wouldn’t be
here to stay.

Momma I may work,
I may not care for life
I may not be someone’s lover
Or someone’s wife.
But ma, one thing is true,
And it will remain.
I have got you and
That will see me through
All life’s lane.