In Your Arms

In your arms

There is quiet

From the buzzing

In my head.

From that part of me

Always moving.

Always trying to

Outrun, to forge ahead.

In your arms

There is a sigh

Of relief

Because it’s where

I rest my head

And breathe.

In your arms

There is a promise

Of comfort

Of sanctuary

Of acceptance.

And whenever

I am afraid

Of losing it all

I find myself

In your arms.


Loving Fire

Love for me is not beautiful

It’s scary, paranoid, and insecure.

It’s vulnerable, it’s all encompassing.

Love is like fire.

All the warmth until you get too close

And then it burns.

Loving someone is painful,

It makes me feel imbalanced,

Because there’s a piece of me

That’s missing.

Because I gave it away.

Love for me is you,

And I still want it,

For all its shortcomings,

Because when I am with you,

I feel like I am invincible,

And even if it’s for a moment

It’s worth it.



They tell you don’t let the world break you

It’s not the world, you make you

But they let you judge and then break you

How can the broken you, be the real you?

They tell you make life your main bitch

Not a scratch that you just gotta itch

But when life lands you in a ditch

Who’s gonna come and make you pitch?

They tell you love is a beautiful thing

Makes the sun shine and bird sing,

But when there’s no promise ring,

They leave you, an unwanted thing.

They tell you a lot of lies,

The world is just and nothing dies,

We all live life for it ties,

Its wondrous laughs and woeful cries.

They tell you but I don’t wanna hear

I wanna hide and drown in my fear

Not listen with a hopeful ear,

That life is meant for something dear.

Nightmares is where I will go,

In nightmares at least I know,

That the world will break you,

You’re not the one that makes you,

You can judge and they will break you,

Cause the broken you is the real you.



I always wait till the last minute

Too blurt out how I feel

Wait till it’s too late

And I have, in my mind,

Irrevocably ruined everything.

Have built things so far

That they are ready to collapse

Into a heap of mess

That can’t be untangled.

For complicated creatures

We take simple things for granted

Weave thoughts of our own I

Till they have a life of their own

And we are caught up in it.

In us,

In problems we have made .

Even now when I know I am to blame

I refer to our collective

As if my faults are the faults of all I know.

Because the solidarity in mistakes

Is just as lonely

As the product of the situation

Which I have created

By not opening my mouth in the first place .

And now opening it all over the place

Spewing once sensical thoughts

As nonsense.



I kind of hate

How much I like you,

How one

Simple word from you

Makes me smile

And feel a little brighter .


I kind of fear

How much I think

Of you

Counting the days

Till I am back

In your arms.


Sometimes I feel like

I need to hold back,

Not let you see

How you effect me.

How you make me

Feel all gooey .

Cause it’s way too

Early for this shit.

We are way too new

At this shit.


But then it feels like

We only just met

And it feels like

I have known you for years.

And then I feel like

I like these feelings.


I don’t know if I am

Playing the coward,

Acting the fool,

Channelling the brave,

Or being the explorer,

But one thing I know,

That this thing,

This thing that we have

May be the best thing ever

Or the thing that makes me

Feel like the worst is yet to come.


Ode to the Cicada

Yesterday I heard this cicada,

Chirping away as cicadas do,

But instead of outside my home

It was inside

Making a hullabaloo.

It would chirp

And then stop

I would move my eyes up

And then drop

Searching for this cicada.

For a minute I thought

I must have gone crazy

I searched for a while

But as I am lazy

I let the matter drop.

But still this cicada

Kept going.

Chirping and chirping away

Until I somehow

found it

And lead it astray.

And then,

I am sorry to say

I killed it.

Smothered it

Before it could chirp again.

And then,

It was all quiet.

Damn, now I feel bad .





Light Me a Flame

Today I found the lighter

That stupid little thing

You loved so much

But left behind

Like most things in your life.

I was trying to light a candle

And I needed a spark…

A lighter to light a candle

Seems logical.

But I forgot

That your lighter

Is much like you.


But I digress.

Today I flipped

The lighter open

And it fizzled,

Like our relationship.

So now I am sitting

In the dark

Holding a candle, unlit

Your lighter

It screwed me over .

Like its owner

How ironic .