Ode to the Cicada

Yesterday I heard this cicada,

Chirping away as cicadas do,

But instead of outside my home

It was inside

Making a hullabaloo.

It would chirp

And then stop

I would move my eyes up

And then drop

Searching for this cicada.

For a minute I thought

I must have gone crazy

I searched for a while

But as I am lazy

I let the matter drop.

But still this cicada

Kept going.

Chirping and chirping away

Until I somehow

found it

And lead it astray.

And then,

I am sorry to say

I killed it.

Smothered it

Before it could chirp again.

And then,

It was all quiet.

Damn, now I feel bad .





Shall I?

Shall I write an ode
To the snow that glistens
Just beyond my window?

Shall I praise its beauty
Before it is marred
By human interference.

Shall I talk about its glow
The way it shimmers
As it falls lazily.

Shall I talk about its tenacity
Its veracity
Its power?

Shall I write?
Or shall I experience?
As it falls
All around me,
A blanket of cold
That wraps me
In its embrace.