In Your Arms

In your arms

There is quiet

From the buzzing

In my head.

From that part of me

Always moving.

Always trying to

Outrun, to forge ahead.

In your arms

There is a sigh

Of relief

Because it’s where

I rest my head

And breathe.

In your arms

There is a promise

Of comfort

Of sanctuary

Of acceptance.

And whenever

I am afraid

Of losing it all

I find myself

In your arms.


Loving Fire

Love for me is not beautiful

It’s scary, paranoid, and insecure.

It’s vulnerable, it’s all encompassing.

Love is like fire.

All the warmth until you get too close

And then it burns.

Loving someone is painful,

It makes me feel imbalanced,

Because there’s a piece of me

That’s missing.

Because I gave it away.

Love for me is you,

And I still want it,

For all its shortcomings,

Because when I am with you,

I feel like I am invincible,

And even if it’s for a moment

It’s worth it.


Light Me a Flame

Today I found the lighter

That stupid little thing

You loved so much

But left behind

Like most things in your life.

I was trying to light a candle

And I needed a spark…

A lighter to light a candle

Seems logical.

But I forgot

That your lighter

Is much like you.


But I digress.

Today I flipped

The lighter open

And it fizzled,

Like our relationship.

So now I am sitting

In the dark

Holding a candle, unlit

Your lighter

It screwed me over .

Like its owner

How ironic .




Curtain call

I kissed you

And felt nothing.

Talked to you

And felt nothing.

Held hands with you

And felt nothing.

When did you

Become my nothing?


I told you

Maybe someday.

You told me

Maybe one day.

But for one day

All I felt is



You call me, immature now

I tell you, you’re mature how?

By telling me, I was nothing

And acting like, I was something?

Boy, stay out of my head .


Took a while, for me to realize,

Your arms are not, my paradise.

You were an act, never in the now

So baby, please take a bow,

As the curtain drops .


What I knew of you

Was a dream you.

All the stranger

Is the real you.

And now I touch you

And it’s nothing

I talk to you

And it’s nothing.

I see you,

You are nothing.

You were an act, never in the now

So baby, please take a bow .

As the curtain drops.