Lately I feel like I am in a bubble

One that I created by myself

And I don’t know why.

What am I running from?

Who am I punishing?

Why am I putting myself in situations

Where I feel less than?

Why am I isolating myself to a point

Of no return, letting go of relationships

I hold dear and then hating myself for it

What’s with the stupid punishment?

Let’s take an oath to love ourselves,

The way the people around us do

Because if you and I can’t love ourselves

All that’s in the world is time passing by

And us waiting for the day

When time starts to slow

And we regret all the time we spent putting ourselves down

While we should have been bring ourselves up.




What they don’t tell you about the process of metamorphosis is that it is never easy , you’re constantly trying to break out of your cage all the while trying to stay safely tucked in it. From the mother’s womb and beyond, we are in a constant state of trying to break free and become humans. Granted, some do a better job than others (although how do we determine the quality of someone’s humanity when it opens up the can of worms aptly titled objective versus subjective ‘facts’), we all partake that journey- hopping from one cocoon to the next until we reach our graves, back to the womb of the Mother (Earth). Metamorphosis of the physical is irrelevant as we are born from a womb and at the end of the days we are returned to another- that of the planet. It is the metamorphosis of the mind that profoundly changes: from the moment we take our first breath of air to the moment we take our last. The cages we live in are within our own minds and to get out of them is never easy.


The Truth About Forever

The Truth about Forever,

Do you really want to know?

I can tell you, if you want

But then I have to

Let go.


What’s forever? Does it exist?

Will we ever know?

I can tell you what I think,

But I have

No evidence to show.


Forever is a word, a concept,

A time.

Forever, for me, it’s not worth­­

A dime.


Even if we live forever,

What will that do?

If we live, you and I

Not, me and you.


Forever, forever,

I will never complain,

If today we live happy,

And tomorrow

We remain.


The truth about Forever

Is that it’s a lie,

Because in the end

All things are meant

To die.