Excerpt #11:Lifting the Weight off her Shoulders

“August is at it again.” She told her childhood friend Chase during their daily workout.

“At what?” He stood at the station facing her.

“She is telling me that I like him. Again. And she won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well do you?” He chalked up his palms.

“What?” She was concentrating on putting the weights on her barbell.

“If you don’t, why does it matter?”

“He has a girlfriend anyways.” She faced him at her station.

“Exactly, look, we men are not as complicated as you make us to be.” He locked his hips “If he is with her it’s-“ he huffed as he lifted his barbell, “-because he wants to be.” He finished as he dropped it back on the floor, having maxed out.

“Exactly.” She mimicked him.

As they finished their set and paused to rehydrate he added. “Look if it’s weighing you down just ask him, but honestly August can say what she wants all the way to December and it won’t change the truth.”

“Should I tell her you said that,” She teased.

“Please don’t.”

As they returned to their lifting stance, she continued, “By the way that month joke was horrible.”

“How bad?”

“Even the crickets refused to chirp.”

“Fair enough.”

Words spent, they became silent as they resumed with the weights, this time lifting them, and the stress, off their shoulders.