The Message

Fingers hover over the keys
Indecision mars my choice
Find myself getting anxious
About the words I am to voice.

I read every word
That I have written
And scrutinize my every line
Erase and rewrite each message
To reflect these
Thoughts of mine.

As I move to hit send
My thoughts start
To collide
All the good and the bad
That can happen
Force me to pick a side.



We stood out in the sun,

Basking in its glow

Letting it warm the heart

Long frozen.

We closed our eyes


As the light bounced

Behind our eyelids,

An implosion of

Little stars on a

Black backdrop.

Our lips curve

Into a smile,

Content as a cat

In our basking.

Till the shadows

That follow the sun

Enter our horizon.

Till then we stand

With our arms

Wide open,

Letting the sun

Light up the darkness.