Thoughts on failure

Failure should never be a choice you make, it should be an outcome you refuse.



There is something poetic about a pure soul, for it has the ability and strength to hope beyond hope.  It’s not jaded nor burdened with the sins of the commoner, too plagued by shame to hope for better days.

A pure soul hopes and prays that the jaded soul may once again find its way, while the jaded soul worries that the pure soul may one day feel the hopelessness that drove it astray from the path in the first place.


Take Care

It hurts for a little, smarts even, when someone throws away your heart. It screams in its ribcage and slams against it, again and again.  Raw and bloody it bleeds, over and over, till it feels like no blood is left. Everything has been drained. Then miraculously, it heals. Scab-covered and beaten it resumes, with heartbeats resolute. The ribcage that restrained it becomes its protector…forever keeping it safe…as long as it remembers not to care.